Fisher Space Pen

Astronaut Space Pen

The ASTRONAUT SPACE PEN was invented by Paul C. Fisher and is manufactured in the USA. This pen was invented to be used in extreme conditions such as in space. It uses pressurized ink cartridges and is able to write in zero gravity, underwater, over a wet paper, at any angle, and in a very wide range of temperatures.
It has been Used on all NASA Apollo and Shuttle missions, ISS International Space Station, Russian Soyuz and MIR space flights, French ARIANE Space Program, Everest North Face Ski Expedition.
  • Was used on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968
  • Can write at altitudes up to (3800 m), operating temperatures range from −35 to 120 °C.
  • Made from solid brass with an extremely hard chrome plating.
  • Fisher PR4 Black Ink Medium Point.
  • It's special design assures you that you'll always retract the point before you slide it in your pocket.
  • Packaged in heavy duty gift boxes.
  • The pen has an estimated shelf life of 100 years, while may see an expensive investment the refills are very affordable.
  • Solid brass
  • Chrome Plating
  • Length: 152.4 cm
  • Diameter: 11.43 cm

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